Causes of Foundation Repair Problems

Stratum Foundation Repair

Seasonal Weather Changes:

Dry and wet weather cycles produce a constantly changing soil bed under your homes foundation. The expansion and contraction of the soil over time can weaken the support for your foundation and cause it to settle and crack. This is especially a problem in the Dallas | Fort Worth metroplex(DFW). That is why it is important to change your watering cycle to keep it consistent throughout the year.

Poor Drainage:

Foundation problems can be caused by too much moisture as well as too little. Standing water around your home, large amounts of water dumped by gutter downspouts or a negative slope of the area around your home can cause saturated soil. It is important install french drains, area drains, retaining walls, and gutters to help alleviate drainage problems around the house.

Expansive Clay Soils:

Different soils have differing potential to shrink and swell. The more expansive the soil around your home, the more your foundation may by subject to movement. This is the type of soil found throughout the Dallas | Fort Worth metroplex(DFW).

Trees and Tree Roots:

A large tree may drink up to 150 gallons of water per day through its roots. When these roots are under or near your foundation, the drying process may cause a portion of the soil to shrink. The differential in moisture content below the home may cause one part of the foundation to move more than others. A root barrier is highly recommended for any tree located closer than 20 feet to the house. These can be installed by Stratum Foundation Repair for an average of $750 per tree. Call our office for more details.

Under-Slab Plumbing Leaks:

These leaks create excessive moisture in one area under your foundation and may cause that area to heave upward or disturb the stability of your slab. If you suspect any interior movement or any plumbing problems, have it checked by a professional plumber immediately. The longer you wait the bigger the problem becomes. Stratum Foundation Repair can provide a post leak test with every foundation repair we perform.

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