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Many people assume older homes are subject to foundation problems, but the age of the house isn’t the main factor. Due to soil conditions in Prosper, and all across DFW, the constant expansion and contraction of the ground due to moisture levels is the main culprit. Even newer homes require foundation repair in Prosper due to this issue. However, not every crack you might see is cause for concern.

Should You Fix Every Crack in your Prosper Foundation?

Homeowners are glad to hear that not every crack in your foundation needs to be fixed. In fact, with slab on grade foundations small cracks are expected and planned for. Expansion joints in the slab allow for natural cracks when settling occurs. You will often see these where the garage meets your home, and/or around the midway point of your home’s exterior foundation walls.

This is not to say that every Prosper foundation will always display cracks. However, you will see small foundation cracks all around the Prosper area and this is completely normal. So when are cracks a cause for concern?

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The general rule of thumb on assessing cracks is this. Is it larger than 1/4 inch? In other words, can you fit the eraser side of a pencil inside the crack? While this is not the only determining factor, it’s easy for homeowners to quickly measure their problem. If the cracks are smaller, keep an eye on them. As further settling occurs, these cracks may further develop into something of more concern.

Are the foundation cracks 1/4″ or larger? It’s probably a good idea to have it inspected. In addition to this, it’s important to note that sticking windows, doors, or the presence of a slab leak are other signs of foundation problems you can take note of. If some or all of these signs are present, give us a call. We offer FREE foundation inspections in Prosper.


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Stratum Foundation Repair also has created several videos showing examples of foundation problems, such as visible cracks. You are welcome to watch them for more information about our Prosper foundation repair services.

Here is one of the videos which may give you a better example of a residential property with foundation-related problems:

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