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Structural Foundation Issues, Fixed

If your property has foundation settlement, it can lead to all sorts of structural issues for the residence or commercial property. Common indications of foundation issues include doors that are difficult to close, wall separation, cracks in the walls, wall rotation, uneven floors and windows that don’t close fully. It’s important to never ignore potential signs of foundation troubles, because they don’t improve on their own. If a foundation is damaged and doesn’t receive repair service, it could lead to serious problems that become much more costly and severe. This is why it’s so crucial for you to seek a professional opinion as soon as you notice any troubling signs.

Many Diverse Specialties

At Stratum Foundation Repair, we offer a wide array of foundation repair services and this includes drainage systems. If you need qualified house leveling assistance to remedy a sagging floor, our team of professionals can accommodate you. Our foundation leveling methods are reliable, proven and effective. Whether you need assistance with drainage systems, slabjacking, piering or anything else, our team is sure to impress you with both our service and our “know-how.” At Stratum Foundation Repair, we truly know foundations.

Foundation Repairs And Real Estate Transactions

Homes that have foundation problems are often extremely difficult to sell. If you plan on relocating and are concerned that you might not be able to sell your residence for this reason, we can assist in identifying and separating real problems vs. those an inspection report may simply flag as a potential one. It’s not uncommon for us to receive phone calls in the midst of a buy-sell transaction. We are glad to assist by offering a free inspection, complete with a professional report. Put your mind at ease by understanding what needs attention now, and what can be ignored as typical settlement issues due to soil in the Allen area

Superior Customer Service

We place a strong emphasis on the importance of quality customer service. If you want a dependable foundation repair service in Allen, our team members can provide you with great references and history of work in the nearby area. At Stratum, our objective is to give our customers peace of mind that is backed by a lifetime, transferable warranty on our work. Nothing is more important to us than delighting customers, and serving our neighbors with integrity.

Experienced Professionals

All the professionals on our staff possess extensive experience in doing foundation repairs. Some of our pros have more than a quarter century’s worth of background in foundation repair, and our owner Ryan Hise is a second generation contractor in the field. Although our staff members are experts in foundation repair, we are committed to continued education and constant improvement as well. Our team consists of responsible, hard-working and honest professionals who truly care about quality work. We take great pride in what we do for our customers.


Affordable Repair Service

One common fear when dealing with foundation issues for the first time is cost. A common misconception is that every foundation problem is a major one. While unchecked problems can certainly develop into this, many can be remedied for less money than expected when dealt with today vs. tomorrow. This is why we have always offered free estimates. Every property is different, including the soil quality and surrounding elements such as trees and drain locations. Let us inspect the area and give you a detailed analysis of what you are dealing with so you can make wise decisions. Our foundation repair services are extremely affordable, and if your repair can wait until a future date, we will explain this, too.

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Stratum Foundation Repair is owned and operated by Ryan Hise, a Dallas, Texas native. Hise is committed to providing customers with the finest foundation repair in Allen, Texas and surrounding areas. If you observe potential hints of foundation issues in your home or business, contact us at Stratum Foundation Repair for more details today. We’re always delighted to talk with new customers, and enjoy educating you on the facts regarding your unique situation.

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