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If you suspect that your property needs foundation repair in McKinney, Stratum offers expert advice to help isolate the problems and recommend cost effective solutions. As a family owned company, our repair specialists are trained to identify the root cause of your foundation problems. We are very familiar with the construction and soil types in the McKinney area, and have maintained an A+ rating with zero complaints with the BBB as we’ve served your friends and neighbors throughout the years. So what causes foundation problems to begin with?

Dry Weather:

Unusually dry and also wet conditions can contribute to soil changes which can lead to foundation issues. In dry conditions, contracting soil can cause cracks to develop as the soil types in McKinney have a high concentration of clay. The pressure that is exerted on your concrete slab from settling can lead to cracks. Some house settling should be considered normal, and small cracks are not always a reason to become concerned. However, if you begin to notice changes in door jams, windows, or cracks in your drywall, there is a good chance that your property is experiencing a foundation problem that may require expert repair.

Wet Weather:

Wet weather creates a different dynamic which can also adversely affect your soil. When abnormal amounts of water pool around your foundation, the ground saturation may cause water to find a channel pathway below the interior portion of your concrete slab. As soils compact, the elevation and grading of your home or office is changed and this loss of support can cause your slab to lose its’ original level elevation. Even slight changes in the wrong places can negatively impact your property, and should be dealt with promptly if you suspect an issue. Prevention is also something that should be taken seriously as well. If you notice wet areas near your foundation, consider installing a proper drainage system that includes either area or french drains. This will channel water out to the street, and away from your foundation. A simple fix like this can be a great “insurance policy” against otherwise serious issues that could develop down the road.

Maturing Trees: Water Depletion and Root Systems

Another factor that can lead to foundation problems in McKinney is maturing trees. If your home or commercial property has a large tree nearby, it’s possible that the root system can cause foundation issues in two ways. First, growing trees require lots of water. Because the root system is responsible for this intake, water can be depleted from the soil surrounding your foundation. (Depending upon where the trees are located, and which direction the root system is growing.) If the depleted moisture changes the composition of the soil, this resulting settlement can cause the foundation to sink- even inches in some cases. Another way trees can impact your slab is when roots take a wrong turn when searching for water. Even though concrete is extremely hard, roots can exert upward pressure which leads to cracking, separation, and eventually problems. While this can be bad news if it’s too late, the good news is that root barrier systems can be installed to prevent this from happening in the first place. So now that you understand some of the causes of foundation problems in McKinney, let’s discuss some of the solutions.

Stratum’s Foundation Pier Solutions:

It’s rare that a foundation be deemed beyond repair. In fact, every foundation can be fixed with the right expertise and company. There are a few different types of leveling systems to choose from, and these piers will be inserted beneath your slab where low areas exist by using hydraulic equipment. Stratum doesn’t just offer one type of pressed pilling, but three which include the St1 system, St2 system, and St3 system. While all three concrete pier systems are designed to provide lasting results, it is important to appreciate the differences.

The St1 Concrete Pier System

The St1 foundation repair system is a very affordable pier in the McKinney market. It uses high-strength concrete, and the materials are engineered to withstand long-term pressure in this specific application. Not only are the concrete pilings placed down in the soil according to load capacity, but re-bar is also found in the center of the cylinders. This lends itself to greater alignment, strength, and it binds the system together. In addition, the St1 system comes with a lifetime warranty that is transferable to future property owners.

The St2 Concrete Pier System

In addition to what you receive with the St1, the St2 has a steel starter designed to gain greater depth within the soil. The penetration is roughly 50% deeper than the St1, which is a significant and can withstand future weather conditions due to increased stability. The starter has 6 inches of steel at the top, which is crucial for added strength and durability. The inserts also aid in locking the cylinders together. This solution may be recommended depending upon your soil type, so ask a Stratum specialist what they recommend after they provide a free inspection of your property.

The St3 Concrete Pier System

The St3 repair system will achieve up to 30 feet in depth, providing the utmost stability for your property as it sits on rock strata deep beneath your foundation. The benefits of the system are worth the added investment for many homeowners in the McKinney area because of the sturdy longevity. Steel piers are often accepted as the most stable types of piers, and smart homeowners who plan to reside in their property longterm will consider them a great option. Of course, the S3 also comes with a lifetime warranty that can be transferred with the property to future owners, proving this is an investment that can also increase the value of your home or office.

Next Steps:

You have now learned about not only the causes, but also the recommend solutions for foundation repair in McKinney. Remember, not all exterior cracks require expert repair services. Some of these are normal, as settling occurs quite often in our soil types in North Texas. If serious foundation problems exist, there is a chance your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover part or all of the repairs. This will depend upon your policy, and you will need to provide a professional report detailing not only the cause, but recommended repair solutions. Our friendly repair specialists can assist you with a FREE inspection to help determine if A, a foundation problem requiring repair actually exists, and B, what the costs will be. There is no risk for asking us to visit your property to determine what you are dealing with. Reach out to us today, and let us demonstrate our commitment to customer service as we assist you with all your foundation repair needs in McKinney and the greater DFW area.

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