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#1: Foundation Settlement

The foundation of your home or office will settle over time. Much of this is normal, and is due to the soil expanding or contracting beneath it.  However, if you observe extraordinary cracking in your walls or exterior corners, you should have it inspected. If your home is located on or near a slope, foundation slippage is a serious concern that must be addressed immediately by a professional foundation repair company with demonstrated experience.

If settlement issues have left your home on unequal footing, piers will be used by inserting them beneath the troubled area of the foundation to help stop the house from settling any further. These stabilizers act as permanent protection that will support your home, and they will counteract the weight of the house by forming a new normal.

#2: Pier Repairs

Pier repairs must be completed at the location of the problem, and the depth will be determined by a number of factors including soil type. Piers are concrete supports that are primarily submerged, and involve steel which gives lasting stability to the problem area.

Contact a company that does foundation repair in Arlington Texas for assistance with your piers, and ensure they have experience working with the home types in your area. At Stratum, we have three different classes of piers, and we will recommend the best option based on your situation and budget. For more information about these different options, you can check out our pier systems.

#3: The General Costs of Foundation Repairs

Foundation repair varies in cost based on both the job and location. Filling in cracks in foundation will take little time, but a pier support system requires much more labor to install. Additionally, at times the cause of the issue will need to be addressed at the same time. This may include proper grading, blocking tree roots via barriers, on installing french or area drainage systems to shuttle water away from your property. The good news is that you will know exactly what you are facing, including cost options, after we conduct a FREE inspection. We will also explain how long the repairs will take to complete, pending weather of course, and can explain financing options as well.

The cost of your project will be laid out for you based on the materials, time and work involved in the job. It’s possible that your insurance policy may pay for some of the foundation repairs, and you we can offer advice on the best course of action should that be the case.

If you suspect that your home is settling in ways that are causing foundation problems in your Fort Worth property, please don’t put it off. These issues only worsen with time, and the costs will only compound as weather and wear continue to degrade the situation. Reach out to Stratum today so that we can help diagnose the problem, and offer advice on the best remedy.

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