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Do you have a damaged foundation and are looking for foundation repair in Plano, Texas? The team at Stratum fixes foundation problems by diagnosing the true cause, and then recommends the best solution for residents in Plano and the greater DFW area. You can always contact us for a FREE foundation inspection of your property, where we will consider the telltale signs of true foundation problems compared to routine settling that happens with all Plano homes.

Engineering a Stronger House Foundation

Many houses in Plano have shallow foundations, often a combination of concrete footings, piers and a poured slab, which must rest below the frost line. Many areas of Texas, including Plano, have a frost line of 12 inches. It is important that the house foundation extend below the frost line to avoid heaving from the freeze/thaw cycle of the soil. A proper foundation will transfer the load from the structure above to the soil or bedrock below.


Understanding Your Home’s Foundation

Foundations are regulated by building codes to have a load transfer capacity depending on the type of subsoil supporting the foundation. Primary concerns for any foundation are settling and load bearing capacity.

Expert foundation repair Plano: Underpinning is the process of strengthening an existing foundation of a house. Underpinning may help reinforce foundations that suffer from: old foundations no longer capable of supporting the load, soil supporting the foundation may have changed, new construction which may have changed the soil dynamics or rock mechanics of a site, to support additional loads from an addition or an added-level of the building or drought or flooding may have caused the original foundation to move, and affected the soil mechanics.

Underpinning usually involves extending the foundation (in depth or in breadth) so it rests on soil stratum having better load capacity or distributes its load across a greater area. Use of piers, micro-piles and jet grouting are common ways to underpin a foundation in the Plano area.

Understanding what causes foundations to crack There are several factors which can lead to foundation issues, and this is true for both residential and commercial properties in Plano. First, a common problem is dry weather due to the soil content in North Texas. Clay both expands and contracts under different temperatures and moisture levels, and this can lead to pressure exerted on your concrete slab.

Construction practices in Plano call for a slab on grade process, and this means that pier and beam foundations are very common here. Because your slab sits directly on top of the soil, changes in that soil will have a direct correlation to the concrete itself. Soil that is either too dry or too wet can lead to settlement and/or heaving that negatively affects the support feature previously provided by the original grading of the lot.

If this happens, you will begin to notice both exterior signs, as well as interior ones as well. These can include cracked drywall, doors that become difficult to shut, and windows that will no longer easily glide. Additionally, you may observe separation in fascia area trim called freeze boards. If you see corners that have moved apart, this is not only a new entrance for pests, but it is likely the “pull” being caused by shifts in the foundation below. So what can be done if these are seen at your property?

First Step: Inspect Your Foundation

We recommend you give us a call if you have noticed any of these signs. We will conduct a free foundation inspection that will detail your unique lot, property footprint, and trees. This is important, because it will lead to our advising you on the potential cause of your problem. Without finding the true cause, a cosmetic fix to your foundation will be only short lived. In all cases, we can not only remedy your present situation but also help prevent future damage by correcting things like grading, poor drainage, or installing tree root barriers. It is vital you work with someone who has a great reputation, because embarking on foundation repairs that don’t get to the root of the problem will prove to be more expensive down the road.

At Stratum, we are pleased to have an A+ rating with the BBB, as well as a history of zero complaints despite years of being the top foundation repair contractor in Plano. It’s also possible that your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover repairs, and they will require a licensed and professional opinion in order to consider the claim if this is the case. We can provide expert guidance, trustworthy representation, and guaranteed work that comes with a lifetime transferable warranty. Give us a call today.

Stratum Foundation Repair in Plano Texas
Stratum is a family owned foundation repair company serving Plano, TX and the surrounding area. We can help you diagnose house settling issues, drainage problems, and fix your foundation problems right the first time.

Concrete Slab Repair Resources and Facts for Plano TX Residents


According the latest census information, Plano had over 270,000 residents, which makes it the 9th largest city in the state of Texas.The commercial growth in the area has spurred residential growth too. Additionally, Plano also has the distinction of being recognized as the best place to live in the United States—according to a 2005 Time Money article. Plano has achieved other honors that place it in the top ten list of good places to live according to other surveys as well.

Foundation repair Plano, TX is an important task and something that all homeowners should consider. A sound house foundation can help your home remain structurally sound and add value to the property. If you are in or around the Plano, Texas area, Stratum should be your number one resource for any problems related to concrete slabs or piers, perimeter drainage or french drains, and house settling or shifting. Our team of specialists will work with you to help you find the correct repair process and leave you with a strong, durable home for you and your family. (Source: Wikipedia)

Here are some helpful resources from the Plano city government page to give you more information about foundations:

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