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Foundations are the most important part of any home. When you encounter problems with it, the results can spawn into a number of related issues such as stuck doors, cracked walls, or separated window jams. If you suspect that your property might have a problem, you will need experienced foundation repair in Frisco Texas that can identify, repair, and resolve these issues to restore safety to your family, and longevity to your property. Watch this brief video below from Ryan Hise, Founder of Stratum Foundation Repair.

#1: Foundation Cracks

Cracks in your foundation can be seen from outside your home, and typically develop around the corners of your property. These can range from subtle to very noticeable, and to be clear not every crack should cause alarm. These occur from your soil heaving beneath the foundation of your property. At times, large trees roots may deplete the water in your soil which leads to settling. Other times, poor installation or shallow piers may not respond well to changes in temperature or weather conditions. If it is too dry, or too wet, it’s possible that your foundation may experience shifts that result in cracking and separating. While these begin in the slab itself, over time it will lead to visible issues on both walls, doors, and windows. If you have noticed foundation cracks, it is always best to get a free inspection early to determine if more attention is needed. Waiting can only compound the problem, and ultimately result in costly repair bills.

#2: Sagging Floors

Sagging floors in your home indicate a problem with the interior area of your foundation. The floor in your home cannot sag unless the material underneath them is not stable, and if soils have sunk this will be the case. One reason this happens is due to poor drainage. Stratum can identify the cause of your sagging floors, and if excess water (at present or from previous weather conditions) is the culprit, install a proper drainage system. This will involve a french or area drain, and whenever unusually wet seasons occur the water will be ushered out to the street instead of seeping toward soil beneath your home. Excess saturation can cause significant foundation problems for Frisco homes. You should contact a foundation repair company for an estimate for repairing the damage but also ensure they explain what caused the issue to begin with. Your foundation may need to be stabilized immediately, so take advantage of our free inspection services to determine the best course of action today.

#3: Foundation Plumbing Leaks

Slab plumbing leaks can also be present even if cracks are not visually evident. Due to Frisco construction practices, there are a number of plumbing pipes that circulate water beneath your floors, and these are housed inside the concrete slab. When one of these leaks, it can cause foundation damage. While a plumber will be required to fix the pipe leak, they are not the ones who are equipped to properly repair the foundation. In some cases, they may have to excavate a pier in order to access the plumbing leak itself. These can leave structural foundation problems, so even if you suspect that a plumbing leak may be present (as evidenced by higher than normal water bills, or moisture seeping up through the flooring itself), you should call a foundation expert first. We can run a water pressure test to isolate and rule out the issue, and advise you on the best path forward.

#4: House Leveling

All homes settle to some degree or another. This is common, and should not in itself be cause for alarm. If soil conditions have changed significantly, or if your pad site was not properly leveled during the time of construction, your home may have begun shifting in ways that is not sustainable without some intervention or adjustment. This is a common situation that we help Frisco homeowners with on a regular basis. After we identify the cause of the problem, and the relevant locations, we will install steel and concrete piers beneath the slab using hydraulic equipment. After our lifetime warranty piers are placed in proper position, your home will be level again and you won’t have to worry about cracks in walls, or difficulty with doors or windows shutting.

#5: Insurance

In some situations, your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover all or part of your foundation repair. Of course, the deductible will be a consideration that you need to make. We can provide an accurate and detailed analysis which will provide your insurance company with all the information they need to provide a response on coverage. We will gladly speak with your adjuster to help you obtain as much coverage as possible, and even if coverage doesn’t exist in your situation, we can provide special financing opportunities as well. While you may not ultimately take advantage of an insurance claim, don’t assume that your company won’t cover your foundation repair in Frisco. We will be glad to educate you on the process, and are available to answer questions throughout the entire process.

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Do you suspect that you might have foundation problems beneath your Frisco property? We encourage you not to delay, because prolonging the problem is never a cost effective solution. Give us a call today so we can help you understand what your unique situation calls for.

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