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Do you live in Addison, TX, and suspect your home or property might have foundation problems? Stratum can help. We have looked at thousands of properties throughout our long history of serving DFW residents. This means we can easily explain the difference between minor settling cracks in your foundation that you don’t need to be concerned about, as well as the signs of larger issues at play.

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The clay heavy soil in the Addison area is constantly moving. Whether it is contracting due to colder temps or lack of water, or expanding due to excess moisture, these changes take a toll on the concrete slab that forms your foundation.

Expansion joints allow for these anticipated movements, and also offer strategic placement for such cracks to form. This is why it is “normal” to see some amount of cracking as your home settles.

However, if foundation cracks on your exterior walls are larger than the size of a pencil eraser, it’s possible a bigger problem is developing.

Not only is this cause for concern for the longevity (and potential resale) of your home, but it can lead to pest issues, doors/windows that don’t close properly, and much more expensive remedies down the road.

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Stratum Foundation Repair also has created several videos showing examples of foundation problems, such as visible cracks. You are welcome to watch our videos at this link.

Here is one of the videos which may give you a better example of a residential property with foundation-related problems.

If you would like us to inspect your property then you are welcome to contact us at whichever office is closest to you. Our list of offices and phone numbers is here

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