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Do you own a house in Carrollton, TX that might have foundation problems? Do you see cracks in the foundation walls, or have doors and windows that stick?

We will come to evaluate the condition of your foundation, and let you know if these are common foundation issues to simply keep an eye on…or if repairs are needed.

Does Every Crack Mean I Need Foundation Repair?

No, due to the soil conditions in Carrollton and the entire DFW area, cracks are very common. You will often see small cracks at the concrete joints, and these are by design. However, some monolithic slabs don’t allow for these naturally planned expansion cracks, and they can occur on the corners of your foundation. While not ideal, not every foundation crack in your Carrollton home is a problem.

What Types of Cracks Mean Repairs Are Needed?

Typically, cracks less than the size of a pencil eraser head are not a cause for alarm. It’s when they become larger that bigger issues can develop in our foundation.

Larger cracks can allow pests in, but also indicate that extreme settling has occurred beyond the variance allowed for in your Carrollton home’s construction design.

What is the Cost of Foundation Repair in Carrollton TX

Every home is different, but on average you can expect that foundation repair in the Carrollton area ranges between $4-$5k. This does not mean that every home requires repairs. Very often upon inspection, we can assure the homeowner that cracks need to be watched but no present action is required.

When foundation repairs are needed, we enlist a 3rd party engineer who will provide an unbiased opinion and assessment to the root cause, movement desired, and this helps confirm and direct our repair plan.

Do You Need A FREE Foundation Repair Estimate in Carrollton?

We are happy to first discuss your issue over the phone, and then schedule a time for our foundation expert to take a look. Don’t worry about high pressure sales tactics with us. We live and work in the community, and strive to place customers first in each and every interaction.

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Additional Info:

Here is more about foundation repairs from the government website for Carrollton Texas.

Stratum Foundation Repair also has created several videos showing examples of foundation problems, such as visible cracks.

Here is one of the videos which may give you a better example of a residential property with foundation-related problems:

If you would like us to inspect your property then you are welcome to contact us at whichever office is closest to you. Our list of offices and phone numbers is here

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