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Foundation problems can be a real cause for concern for many Coppell homeowners, but there is good news. Not every crack you see in your exterior foundation walls is reason to panic. Some issues are very common and expected, while others deserve a closer look by a trained professional.

Unbiased Foundation Repair in Coppell TX 

Stratum is A-rated by customers for a reason, and much of this comes back to our process in evaluating foundation repairs. We have developed a step-by-step process to include 3rd party analysis to help determine what is actually needed for your home.

  1. Free Inspection: It all starts with a free inspection of the foundation issues you suspect might be a problem in the first place. Often, these are cracks you visually find in your exterior walls, but can also include windows or doors that have begun to be difficult to close.
  2. Defined Status: Our experienced tech will evaluate what he initially sees on site during his first visit. They will explain if the issues are minor, worth keeping an eye on, or if they are worth escalating for unbiased review. If the latter, we then enlist an outside professional to takes measurements.
  3. Third Party Engineer: An outside engineer will take proper measurements of your foundation and produce a report that is unbiased. They are not paid by us for this, and have zero financial benefit to recommend foundation repairs or not. We have found this is a way to establish trust in the process, and ensure accuracy in the proposed solution.
  4. FREE Estimate: At this time, we will provide you with an estimate that includes your options for foundation repair. There are different types of piers and pricing solutions can vary depending upon your desired outcome.
  5. You Decide: There is no pressure placed upon you by our technicians. You can seek other opinions at this time, or schedule your repairs. We can also direct you to financing options if this is of interest to you.

A Coppell Foundation Repair Company You Can Trust

We believe this is a winning approach to helping Coppell residents with their foundation repairs. Our customer reviews demonstrate our commitment to customer service and quality repairs.

Customers also enjoy receiving a transferrable warranty that underscores our commitment to fixing your foundation right the first time.

Do you suspect a problem with your foundation?

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Coppell is a city in extreme northwest Dallas and Denton Counties in the U.S. state of Texas, a suburb of Dallas, and bedroom community of the DFW Metroplex. The population is approximately 39,000. A small area in the far northern portion of the city extends into neighboring Denton County. ~Wikipedia

Here is more on the permits and other codes which might be relevant to a foundation repair project in the city of Coppell.


Stratum Foundation Repair also has created several videos showing examples of foundation problems, such as visible cracks. You are welcome to watch our videos at this link.

Here is one of the videos which may give you a better example of a residential property with foundation-related problems:

If you would like us to inspect your property then you are welcome to contact us at whichever office is closest to you. Our list of offices and phone numbers is here

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