Uncategorized August 30, 2021

One day foundation repair in Mesquite, TX

Written By: Logun Liening

A concerned homeowner reached out to Stratum Foundation Repair after doing extensive research on the best foundation company in the area. The home was experiencing drywall and brick cracks, as well as doors sticking in the front rooms. After our certified foundation repair specialist inspected the home and developed a repair plan, the homeowner knew he could trust Stratum. Stratum contracted out a third party structural Engineer to evaluate the home. Here is the repair report the Engineer gave us.

Stratum Foundation Repair installed the 14 concrete pressed piers as in Engineer instructed. These piers are installed using the weight of the house and pushed to refusal. Pushing to refusal is a key element when repairing a foundation. If piers are not pressed to refusal then the foundation may settle and the lift might not work. The 14 piers solved the problems the homeowner was experiencing and protected the repaired foundation with a lifetime warranty. Once the piers are installed Stratum repairs any mortar cracks in the work area as well as caulks any open joints in windows, or expansion joints. We strive to leave the yard in the same or better condition then when we started.

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