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Spot Signs of Foundation Problems in Plano TX

Written By: Logun Liening

7 Signs Your Home’s Foundation is Failing

The foundation is one of the most important components of your home. Walls, rooms, insulation, furniture and more are all located on top of foundation, so it is crucial that the foundation of a home is laid correctly. Even the best-laid foundation can be shifted by the elements and disturbed by growing urban landscapes.

What to Look for When Inspecting Your Foundation

Good news for homeowners; the signs that your foundation is failing are usually fairly obvious and can be easily found and inspected by a foundation expert. Want to know if your foundation is failing? Keep reading below.

  1. Uneven floors – Uneven and sloping floors are clear signs that a foundation is failing. Walls can slope away from the floor, producing cracks and gaps between baseboards, tile, hardwood, concrete and carpeting. This can happen after flooding, from a burst pipe or other environmental factors.
  2. Exterior and interior hairline cracks – Clearly visible to the naked eye, hairline cracks on the interior or exterior of a home is another obvious sign that there is trouble below. Cracks can exist in the middle of bricks and mortar, near doors and floors as well as anywhere on the exterior of a home or building.
  3. Cracked molding – Much like hairline cracks that are visible on the exterior and interior of homes, cracked molding can be a sign that the foundation of a home is in trouble. This can be seen through a separation of crown molding, baseboards shifting and cracks running the length of molding to the ceiling.
  4. Cracks in tile- This is a concerning circumstance for homeowners. If the home is occupied cracks in tile can expose the damaged foundation below. Cracks in foundations are also visible from the outside of the home and can run from short to long lengths.
  5. Doors and windows that become stuck- When you find yourself heaving and pushing a door or window open to no avail you might have a problem with the foundation. As the base of the home shifts so do structures like door frames and window sills.
  6. Complete separation- Complete separation of walls, doors, windows and garages can occur in severe foundation disruption. This, in part, is due to the material that is impacted as well as the severity of the failing foundation. Cracks and gaps are obvious and should be treated immediately.
  7. Separation of walls- Walls made of brick, concrete, stucco and other materials are all susceptible to affects caused by foundation failure, including cracks and gaps. This can be seen when walls separate from one another.

The Next Step

When you find a crack it is important that a foundation repair contractor in Plano be called right away as the problem will only get worse as time passes. Yearly environmental conditions such as flooding and drought are two main environmental factors that impact the integrity of your home’s foundation. If you see or sense a problem it is crucial that you call a foundation repair specialist today to get repairs going.

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