Cause of Foundation Problems March 23, 2020

Dallas Homeowners are at Risk for Foundation Issues!

Written By: Logun Liening

Are you at risk for foundation issues based on where you live? The soil in Dallas county is primarily of the Houston Black-Heiden-Wilson composure. This means that the soil is primarily of the clay rock formation. The soil is commonly exposed to extreme wetting and drying cycles which accenutates the shrinking and swelling effect. Dallas soil are some of the most expansive of soils and may gain or lose up to 75% of its origninal soil volume, causing profound gain and loss of a structures foundation.


The soil in Dallas, TX is typically dried and cracked, placing a risk on all homes built in the area. When the soil expands and cracks it allows water to travel along the cracks and accumulate at the bottom of your homes foundation. Accumulation of water at the base of a foundation can cause the soil to lose some of its load bearing capacity. If enough load bearing capacity is lost the house will descend into the soil. The home submerging into the soil will cause foundation issues as well as cosmetic issues. You will begin to see cracks in your drywall and bricks, doors will no longer close properly and much more.

Expansive soils are one of the nation’s leading causes for foundation issues to homes and buildings. In addition to your foundation sinking there is a rare occasion where the foundation will “Upheave”. This is where external areas around the foundation will rise above the “original elevations”. Upheaving causes the reinforcing steel used in the foundation to bend and stress into what amounts to permanent elongation.

Stratum Foundation Repair is the expert when it comes to foundation repair in the Dallas area. We offer a free consultation to evaluate your homes current health. We work with some of the best Engineers in Dallas who will evaluate your homes current conditions before and after repairs to ensure proper lifting was achieved.

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