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Dangers of an Un-Fixed Foundation

Written By: Logun Liening

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Imagine you are walking through a potential new home. For you, as the buyer, you want to know all of the ins and outs of the place. As you walk outside with the realtor you notice a crack in the exterior wall of the home. Is it a big deal? Should you say something? If you aren’t looking for a new home perhaps you have noticed a gap in between the flooring and base board molding of your kitchen. Do you need to be concerned?


The simple answer is yes. Foundation problems that go untreated can be massively damaging to your home in the long run. Often these details go unnoticed when you are going on a walkthrough of a new home or spending long periods of time in an existing home. Experts claim that a crack that gets any larger then 1/16 of an inch is cause for concern. This is a crack that can widen exponentially over time allowing water to creep in, and we all know how expensive water damage can be. Extreme temperature changes from cold to warm can split a crack that is only 1/16 of an inch into a much, much bigger issue.

The most obvious dangers of an unfixed foundation is the cost that is associated with repair. There is no small cost when it comes to real, actual foundation correction if the problem has been allowed to persist for a long period of time. An unfixed foundation might start as a small crack in the wall, but soon it can spread around the house and start to damage aesthetic portions of the home. This includes windows, doorways, crown molding, fixtures, walls and more.

Concrete Slab-on-Grade Repair Options

A foundation that has been left untreated can ultimately cause tile and flooring to cave in or allow nasty bugs like termites to invade your home. Termites live in the ground and only travel up through the walls once or twice a day. By leaving cracks in the foundation of your home you are making an easy termite highway to exist in the walls of your home thus causing even more structural damage in a completely new way.

More importantly, over time these cracks, gaps and fractures can be safety hazards for you and your family. Left untreated a poorly constructed or damaged foundation can split wood, crack tile and create an environment that isn’t suitable for children. If the problem has persisted over a longer period of time you might end up dealing with extreme cases of bowed flooring and large gaps in the floor of your home that can create expensive problems and unsafe living conditions.

It is incredibly important to contact a foundation repair specialist AS SOON as you see a crack, hairline fracture or gap in the floor or walls of your home. An expert will be able to logically assess the damage and give you a better idea of a plan of action that is needed to create a safe, functional home once again.

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