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New Slab Pour

The video below shows a new concrete post-tension slab being poured.  The red cables are the post-tension cables and are used for strengthening the slab.  The deep trenches you see will become the interior grade beams of the house once they are filled with concrete.  These beams are what foundation repair companies hope to locate during the installation of interior piers.  Please note how the trenches aren’t exactly straight.  This can make location very difficult down the road.

New Slab Pour Video

Pier Installation

In the below video you will see a complete single hole pier installation. The type of pier installed is an St2. This is a concrete pressed piling utilizing a steel starter cone and steel rod inserts. These piers are substantially better than a simple pressed piling system.

Pier Installation Video

Foundation Repair Estimate Dallas | Fort Worth | Plano | TX

This is video footage of a walk around in order to gauge damages caused by foundation settlement.  In the video you will see brick cracks, gapping at the windows, trim separation, sheetrock cracks, slab cracks, doors out of alignment, and doors that won’t shut.  All these are symptoms of an underlying foundation issue.  Stratum Foundation Repair specializes is solving the underlying foundation problem.  Stratum Foundation Repair is a leading repair company in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Plano, TX.

Foundation Repair Estimates Video

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