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A Visual Guide to Understanding Foundation Problems

5 Common Causes of Foundation Problems

We had this amazing infographic designed as a handy reference for property owners in Plano and the Dallas-Fort Worth area highlighting potential areas of concern that can lead to foundation failure.



Key Takeaways

  1. Most Foundation Problems Begin with Water and Moisture Issues
  2. Property Owners can reduce the chance of foundation problems by ensuring the abutting ground has the proper slope and grade to direct water away from the foundation

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Finding the Right Foundation Repair Company (4/4)

After learning all of the basics of foundation repair, the signs that a home exhibits when foundation repair is necessary and the process of foundation repair, it’s time to examine how to find the right foundation company to ensure the process is done correctly, done well, and that all factors are taken into account to create a plan for the future.

Foundation repair is a big job. It’s the type of job where you want to be certain – and confident – that will be done well.

You also want to ensure that you’re covered should any issues arise in the future, and work with your experts to have a plan in place to prevent further damage to your foundation. It’s important to find a true solution that’s comprised of both fixing the problem and developing a plan for the future – and, should any issues arise, you’re backed by the company’s work.

After interviewing a foundation repair consultant from Stratum Foundation Repair, here’s a list of factors people looking to hire a foundation company should keep in mind.

Here’s what you should look for in a great foundation repair company:

  1. Free Inspection

A great foundation company will work with you, from the very beginning of the process, to help you discover whether or not you have foundation issues. They’ll help you assess the signs and symptoms you’ve noticed in your home to get to the root of the problem – at no cost to you. If foundation repair is, indeed, necessary, they’ll work with you to discover the cause and the solution.

  1. Plan of Action: Present and Future

Foundation experts work with homeowners to determine the cause of any foundation problems and the best methods of repair. However, their job doesn’t end upon repairing the foundation. It’s important that they work to develop a comprehensive foundation repair plan that also takes into account the original problem and prevents it from occurring in the future.

They’ll help you develop a plan of action to stop any avoidable foundation issues moving forward, whether the changes are behavioral, related to landscape design or otherwise. This aspect is so important, even though it’s one that people often neglect to think about.

Most people focus on the repair of the actual foundation, however, if the issue that caused the foundation problems in the first place is never corrected then foundation problems will likely arise again in the future. This is exactly what most homeowners want to avoid, which is why it’s an important factor to take into consideration when consulting with any foundation repair expert.

  1. Warranty

As with any large scale home repair, it’s important to find a company that stands behind its foundation work for years to come. This is important for the homeowner in case issues with the foundation arise resulting from the repair process, but also to ensure the homeowner is not on the hook to pay for further repairs on a foundation that should have been repaired – and maintained – by the hired company in the first place.

For example, let’s assume all work was done correctly in the foundation repair process. However, years down the road, an issue with one of the piers installed arises that needs repair. A homeowner should be covered under the original warranty and not be required or liable to pay for damage they didn’t cause, especially if it’s an issue with the materials originally used within the repair.

It’s likely that once you have had your home’s foundation repaired you won’t have the same significant issues that you had before the repair. Even with perfect maintenance and the finest materials, soil and weather conditions can cause things to happen that require adjustment or maintenance. As with any installation where nature is a factor, additional issues may arise on the basis of friction.

You should look for a company that stands behind the foundation work, and has a good reputation for doing so. The best offer lifetime warranties so you don’t have to worry about foundation repair ever again.

For example, when you purchase a car, you expect that some amount of maintenance is necessary, like oil changes. Similarly, you want any foundation work to be backed up by a reliable company; one that you know will service the foundation, if necessary. Research the company before you hire.

  1. Homeowner Safeguards

Also, reliable companies often work with a third-party engineer that works for the benefit of the home – not with any particular company. It’s a great solution to ensure warranty protection for the lifetime of the materials and the home.

Ask whether the company ensures that all work is permitted through the city – another way to help safeguard you as a homeowner.

You also want to ensure that the company will work with a structural engineer to document all foundation repairs with a certificate of repair upon completion. This can help assure you, the homeowner, or sometimes, the next homeowner, that everything has been done properly.

  1. Warranty Ownership

Not only should you ensure the foundation repair company backs up their foundation work with a warranty, but it’s important to also pay attention to the specifics of the warranty.

Some companies will provide a warranty, however, if the home owner moves and there’s a foundation issue, the new home owner will have to hire another expert. A great foundation company warranty issues the warranty with the home, so change of ownership isn’t a factor.

That means that, upon selling your home, the foundation is guaranteed by the company regardless of who the home owner may be. The warranty stays with the home, not the homeowner, so the foundation is under warranty no matter who is the home’s owner. In selling your home and disclosing any foundation issues, this allows the prospective buyer to feel safe and assured in their home investment.

At the end of the day, a great foundation repair company works with the customer to create a plan that helps to ensure repairs won’t be necessary and that problems occur over the lifetime of the home less often. Basically, you want a company to do it right the first time and stand by their work – it’s easier for the company and the homeowner.

Do you suspect you have foundation problems?

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Ask The Expert Series 1: Foundation Basics & Problem Causes (1/4)

It’s common for homeowners to notice things they believe to be signs of foundation problems. This series encompasses everything you need to know about your home’s foundation: starting with a basic understanding of what a foundation is below. This is Part 1 of 4 in an ongoing blog series that was developed from an interview with one of our foundation consultants. To listen to the full interview, please find the audio here.

Let’s start with the basics and give you a foundation of knowledge on, well, foundations!

Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t even think about their home’s foundation until a problem arises that needs repair. And, while many of these issues can be repaired, there are also things you can do to prevent them from happening in the first place.

First, let’s look into foundation repair and what causes foundation problems to begin with. Thanks to the help of a foundation repair expert from Stratum Foundation Repair based in Dallas, Texas, here’s all the information you need to understand the basics. This will help you understand the issues that arise and how to best avoid them from happening at all.

Concrete Slab Foundation Basics

The key to understanding your home’s foundation is right underneath it. The earth under your home is what it sits upon, and it’s also what usually impacts the changes – and sometimes, issues – that occur.

Most people don’t give the ground underneath their homes a second thought. But, it’s that very ground, and its contained moisture, that can give you a run for your money in foundation repair.

Understanding the Root of the Problem

For example, consider a home within the Dallas area – one of the highest areas in need of foundation repair. Why? Clay. The earth in this area is most commonly comprised of clay. This especially impacts the movement of a foundation because clay expands. Think of it as a sponge – it contracts when dry, expands when wet. Couple that with dry weather patterns; like a drought, or over-watering and you can easily imagine why this area is ripe with foundation inconsistencies.

You may be thinking, if all of the land is clay, and there’s a drought, wouldn’t logic follow that the clay underneath the foundation simply contracts? This assumption is incorrect, because foundations are impacted by any inconsistencies within the earth and, unfortunately, can happen both naturally and unnaturally (as in, we’re doing things to the soil, like watering in certain areas, that can make it worse).

For example, something as simple as a tree can lead to inconsistencies. If one side of the home with a tree is being watered daily, the clay expands on that side of the home. If the tree isn’t being watered daily, it pulls a great deal of moisture out from the soil (trees can drink up to 100 gallons of water daily), causing it to contract. Meanwhile, the other side of the home, without a tree, gets less water and contracts if the tree is being watered. Or, perhaps, contains more moisture than the side the tree is pulling moisture from.

Common Causes of Foundation Issues

While there are many different causes and cases that cause foundation issues, the most important take away is that when these factors become inconsistent, it can lead to an uneven foundation.

The mere expansion & contraction isn’t necessarily the problem, it’s the inconsistent swelling and contraction under the house.

For example, serious foundation issues often occur when the perimeter of the foundation dries out and the interior doesn’t – most commonly in summer months. This is most likely an issue that leads to the foundation moves first and the structure second. Think: the right side may be swelling while the other is contracting, leading to uneven foundation differences. Since clay moves so much, you want to implement a foundation that moves with it.

While the foundation itself is meant to move and flex, the structure on top of it and plumbing within it is not meant to move – especially inconsistently. Within areas that have clay, most homes are built on a concrete slab, so due to weather, settling, tree roots depleting moisture/droughts, and other variables, people need foundation repair. 

These inconsistencies can cause different types of issues, some of which are more common than others.

4 Warning Signs of Foundation Issues:

  1. Noticeable cracks
  2. Roof/Trim issues
  3. Plumbing damage (often signified by odor)
  4. Structural damage

If at any point there’s a concern that you may have foundation issue in your home, you should never hesitate to call an expert. Many companies offer free foundation inspections allow experts to get to the bottom of it, whether there’s a problem or not. They want to ensure you correct the current problem and create a plan for the avoidance of future issues. This is the case with Stratum, and you can call us to give you a thorough and FREE inspection by calling us today.  214-683-2956

At the end of the day, if you have a foundation issue, it’s nothing to be lax about. Your entire house is shifting, and it won’t correct itself. Experts need to assess the damage and create a plan for both repair and a longer-term plan to avoid further damage; they will also navigate issues, like gas lines, etc.

You also want to ensure that it’s a long-term solution and that it’s done correctly from the beginning, so work with your foundation expert at Stratum to create a plan to both correct the current problem and avoid future issues from arising.

Now that you have the basic knowledge, you’ll be able to better understand how to determine if there’s a potential foundation issue with your home. Read on to discover the warning signs of foundation problems in our second post in the series, along with ways you can start to determine whether or not you may have a foundation issue. Call us today: 214-683-2956

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